Brand-new tips for imaginative interior design

September may be fashion month however for us, it’s all about designers. Although most of the globe is engrossed in the comings and goings of all that includes Fashion Week—and its corresponding batch of events scattered throughout New York, London, Paris, and Milan—we’re looking to the design displays that are equally generating their mark.

Coming hot off the heels of Paris’s Maison & Objet and London style Festival, we find ourselves encompassed by an abundance of fresh trends and ideas that are certain to take the design world by hurricane, especially as we look to the coming year. Naturally, provided the ample sources of motivation created from said shows and the brand new concepts unveiled just between the 2 events alone, we find ourselves strolling away with a abundance of understanding and ideas.

From the color schemes that will come to replace the ever-present millennial pink to the metal surface finishes giving brass a run for its money, we rounded up the design styles that will be making their mark on 2019. Read on for the scoop, plus many helpful guidelines on bringing it home, courtesy of our trustworthy interior design experts and friends.


Sustainability is a motion that is getting to be more commonplace than ever, specifically as it pertains to design—and come 2019, it shall be an overarching theme that might be all too current. It has made severe headway in the world of food and drink (stainless steel straws, we’re lookin at you) not to point out fashion, but the thought of surviving a more eco-conscious way of living has come to be deep-rooted in the strategy of many manufacturers, particularly when it relates to how they approach their craft. That said, there may be a lot more to the motion than reclaimed components and upcycled fundamentals. The thought of becoming more sustainable has grown to incorporate an all-encompassing approach to design, with many companies looking to alternative resources with which to develop their fundamentals.

“We find that our method to the things we surround ourselves with is changing in direction of a longevity-focused one,” states Muuto’s design manager, Christian Grosen, adding that this, in change, may be “prompting us in order to choose styles that will endure for many years into the future, both in their particular quality and aesthetic.” Similarly, in line with maintainable living, the idea of investing in key, standout pieces that will endure the test of time, be that decoratively or simply for top quality, is an strategy we can undoubtedly get behind on.