Local Pawn Shop debate for this strange thing

A pawn store in South Carolina has poked fun at Dick’s athletic Goods with a sign publicizing the business is selling attack rifles as opposed to the major retailer.

The Crossroads Pawn and Audio in Little River, S.C., placed up a sign last weekend declaring, “We sell AR-15’s because we’re not Dick’s.”

The sign had been a tongue-in-cheek strike to the sporting products retailer, which proclaimed in the month of february that it would no longer offer assault-style weapons following the lethal Parkland school shooting. The store also proclaimed it would prohibit the sales of all firearms to anyone below 21. Following the retailer’s choice to quit selling the firearms, several major firearm manufacturers announced they were severing ties with the company.

The pawn shop placed up the sign preceding the lethal school shooting at Santa Fe High School in Tx, WPDE reported. The sign was met with backlash from customers who believed the sign was offensive.

“I think it’s extremely offensive,” Ernest Carson of Socastee told WPDE-TV.

Nevertheless, a couple of citizens believed the sign was funny.

“I love it, it’s funny and gets the point across,” a social mass media user wrote on Facebook.

Regardless of the backlash, the business said it has obtained more business after the sign.

“We have a couple of people, you know, who were never in support of the sign but our positive feedback really outweighed that unfavorable feedback,” Barbara Davey, the store’s supervisor, told WPDE.

Davey pointed out a few individuals were troubled with the sign simply because the shop was located down the highway from North Myrtle Beach High School.

“I believe they are troubled simply because we are, you know, in a fairly near proximity to the high school. But in no way do we promote or support the tragedies that are generally going on inside this country,” Davey said.

She continued that the sign was inserted up to boost the Second Amendment.

“We want to be in a position to assist the community keep their households protected, to keep themselves safe, to promote, you know, responsible firearm ownership,” Davey said.

The shop released a declaration on their Facebook page regarding the sign.