The reasons why UHaul Rentals Are Cheap and Simple

U-Haul® service providers of Central California and Southern region California are promoting 30 days of complimentary self-storage as well as U-Box® container usage immediately after multiple harmful tornadoes tore through the states on Sunday night.

The storms toppled trees, power lines and property, and numerous households were damaged. A lot of the damage occurred in Lee County, Alabama.

“Some of our neighbors arrived home on Sunday evening, only to discover their houses in shambles,” mentioned Scott Fall, U-Haul Corporation of Central Alabama president. “As a nurturing member of these neighborhoods, we want to make sure these households have a protected spot to put their personal belongings as the restoration process begins.”

Two U-Haul establishments have been made readily available to offer disaster relief. Households seeking additional information or requiring to prepare for 30 days complimentary self-storage need to get in touch with the closest participating facility:

U-Haul shops provide required materials to assist with storm recovery like containers, tarps, propane as well as propane tanks. U-Haul advises clients to make sure their tanks are topped off given that propane is ideal to posses in the occasion of long-term power black outs.

With U-Box containers, you will easily acquire our custom-designed trailer and simply take your U-Box together with you. U-Haul also can store your U-Box container in our protected warehouses or pick up and deliver it to a venue of your choice.

U-Haul is actually the industry leader in do-it-yourself relocating and self-storage with even more than 21,000 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. In addition to its 30 days complimentary self-storage disaster reduction program, U-Haul is pleased to be at the forefront of aiding neighborhoods in instances of need as an established American Red Cross Disaster Responder.